jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Introducing myself

Hi folks,

My name is Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (irc: nacho) and i am 21, I've been working for a long time as the Galician Translation Team coordinator, and i hope i can do it for more time.
Last year i started to hack a bit in gtranslator, just because i always want a good translation tool using gtk+ and because it was a good oportunity to starting in the gtk+ world.
I tried to improve the old gtranslator but using c without gobject everything was a mess, so i decided to rewrite it from 0. Of course I've got help from many people. I would like to thanks specially to Paolo Borelli, and all those people who helped me.
There are lots of things that we need get fixed before release like:
  • The translation memories (We have already to decide witch database we should use for this, sqlite, db?).
  • Pablo Sanxiao (the current maintainer) has to finish with the header stuff.
  • And another things.
Here is the mandatory screenshot:

We would like to get more feedback, so if someone is interested you can get a copy in the GOBJECT_WORK branch.