jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

Gedit on window$ Part 2

After several days working on porting gedit to windows I am proud to say that currently it is working. I made an installer so you can test it in an easy way.

sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2008

Gedit on window$

I had to remove lots of things, the saver and the loader are
not working and the plugins aren't working either.
But at least I could make it run:

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

gedit-plugins 2.25.1 has been released

This is my first release and I hope not the last.

Changes since 2.22.5

New features and fixes:
- Use vte api to set cursor shape and blink mode in terminal (Paolo Borelli)
- Ported to GIO and gtkbuilder (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
- New implementation of drawspaces plugin (Paolo Borelli, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
- Misc bugfixes.
New and updated translations:
- Daniel Nylander (sv)

- Jorge Gonzalez (es)
- Nickolay V. Shmyrev (ru)


md5sum: 59e6bc3f75fc49e78a27113970c575

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

Working in gedit

  • Last week I worked in a new implementation for the drawspaces plugin of gedit. Now as you can see in the gedit-plugins repo, it was ported to c and now it is using the new drawing style implemented in gtksourceview 2.4.
  • Another thing I did is port, the missing plugins to gtkbuilder and the terminal plugin to gio, so gedit is not using libglade and gnome-vfs anymore in the gedit-plugins repo.
  • Finally, I added a new feature, so now you can write +N or -N in the jump to line widget and it is going to jump to the relative line at the current one.

    jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2008

    Git branch in svn

    I finally got git merged in subversion, it gaves me a lot of problems but finally it is in subversion. So from now on, you should use subversion instead of git.
    PS: Git is already awesome.


    Today I've finished the practices in Igalia, it was a great experience and I wanna thank you to all people in Igalia that helped me.

    viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008

    miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2008

    An useful macro for debugging

    Yesterday I've added the debug system for gtranslator, right now it is just a g_message that is showed only if the debug is enabled.
    But I wanted some more information and I wanted only with a macro and until some testing and help from some people of #c channel I've got this:
    # define DEBUG_PRINT(format, ...) g_debug ("%s:%d (%s)" format, __FILE__, __LINE__, G_STRFUNC, __VA_ARGS__)

    That macros prints the file, the line, the name of the func and the test you want. It was quite difficult discover the __VA_ARGS__ so you can do something like DEBUG_PRINT ("Hello %s", "Nacho") and it is going to print all that stuff. I think is good but could be better. You have to pass always the format. To have a behavior like g_print you should create a new func that implements how to get the varg arguments and so.

    viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

    miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

    Git is awesome

    This week Pablo and I decided to create a git repository to following the development of gtranslator. It is just great, we can create branches so easy and make commits and everything localy. It is just awesome.
    Here it is the command to download gtranslator:
    git clone git://github.com/nacho/gtranslator-git.git

    The subversion plugins needs libsvn >= 1.5.0. So if you don't have that version please, don't try to compile the plugin.

    Right now all patches less project manager are commited on that repository so would be great having some feedback.

    sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

    Playing with clutter

    This is what I've been doing this week. Just funny.

    jueves, 17 de julio de 2008


    This two days I've been working in a libtinymailui-clutter implementation, it is just for testing but if I am able to do what I want it is going to be great. As soon as I finish it I'll post the mandatory screenshot.

    jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

    Subversion plugin screenshots

    Update dialog:
    Commit dialog:

    miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008

    Subversion plugin for gtranslator

    This days I've been working in the subversion plugin for gtranslator. Mainly it is a port of the subversion plugin of anjuta, and I think that is getting on well. As soon as I finish it I'll post adding some screenshots of the interface I've chosen for doing it.

    lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

    Finished backend for TM

    Today I've finished the backend for TM. So now as soon as Juanjo review the patch, I'll commit it to subversion.

    domingo, 6 de julio de 2008

    Installing Gtranslator

    What do you need to install gtranslator?

    In case of debian/ubuntu you need to install these packages:
    • libgconf2-dev
    • libgtkspell-dev
    • libgtksourceview2.0-dev
    • libgtk2.0-dev
    • libglib2.0-dev
    • libsoup2.4-dev
    • libgucharmap-dev
    • libglade2-dev
    • libgdl-1-dev
    • gtk-doc-tools
    • libdb4.6-dev (Previously ones works too until 4.1)

    domingo, 8 de junio de 2008

    Translation Memory Part 2

    Right now I have the translation memory support working in my own gtranslator repository. For now only exacly matches but I hope in one or two weeks I'll have fuzzy matches working too.

    viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

    Translation Memory

    Yesterday I've started with the translation memory implementation. I've been thinking for a log time how to implement it, if I should use TMX parsing it with a GTree, if I should use sqlite or db berkeley... Finally I decided that I am going to use an interface TranslationMemory and this interface is going to be implemented to create the translation memory. Currently, I am trying to use db berkeley because it is really fast finding strings and that's what we need.

    viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008

    Project manager part 3

    Finally working. The main work is finished, now I have to add some stuff like preferences and some things like that.
    I decided to use libxml2 because it was really difficult parse the xml with GMarkup.

    jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

    Project manager part 2

    Yesterday i was working again in the project manager and right now it saves the configuration. To save it finally I used gio I was trying to use libxml2 but it is fairly easy use gio for writing xml files. So right now I think i am going to use GMarkup for reading, it is not as good as I would like but to this job I think it is good enough.
    Maybe this week i'll have working the project manager fully working but i am not pretty sure because I have some exams too.

    lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

    Project manager for gtranslator

    This days I've been working in the project manager for gtranslator. There is already lots of work to do, but I think it is getting well.
    Here the mandatory screenshot:

    domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008

    Anjuta welcome page

    I've been working in this latest days. I think It is a good idea.
    This is already work to have it finished but I think It is a good start.

    domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

    My new laptop Part 2

    Again with Debian sid. Finally I compiled as always by myself the kernel. Everything works but Debian It is already slow, I don't know why, this is the first time I have this kind of problems in debian. Touchpad works but when I close the lid it becomes crazy and I have to reboot my laptop. I hope this can be fixed soon.

    Mancomun corpus on gedit

    More plugins for gedit. This time I made a plugin to search in the mancomun translation memory database. This is only useful for Galician translators.

    To download it:
    svn checkout https://forxa.mancomun.org/svn/mangedit

    martes, 15 de abril de 2008

    New computer

    Finally I bought a laptop. A dell M1530, I was really happy until I tried to install linux because I had lots of problems. In debian sid It works really slow. Ubuntu didn't detect the screen, touchpad goes too slow. Finally the solution was Ubuntu 7.10, it seems the only linux that's works pretty well.

    jueves, 10 de abril de 2008

    Fullscreen mode in gtranslator

    This week I added a new plugin to gtranslator, and now thanks to it, you can put it in fullscreen mode. I didn't test it a lot, but it seems to work pretty well.

    domingo, 30 de marzo de 2008

    Showing source files in gedit

    As you can see in the screenshot, paths are showed now as links in the extracted comments text view, and if you press in one of them, It is going to be showed in the great gedit.

    domingo, 23 de marzo de 2008

    Hardcoding paths

    Thanks to jhs I fixed several things in gtranslator and anjuta. Right now I use the g_get_user_config_dir () func to know where should I store the config files instead of put directly ".config/gtranslator". Doing this gtranslator should be more portable right now.

    miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

    Open-tran for gedit

    I ported the open-tran plugin i made for gtranslator to gedit, and here you have a screenshot of this plugin:
    You can download the plugin with this command:

    svn checkout https://forxa.mancomun.org/svn/open-tran

    viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

    Brace autocompletion in Anjuta

    Yesterday i was hacking a bit in Anjuta and I added a new feature.
    Now you can activate the brace autocompletion. What this mean?
    It means that when you enter a '(' '[' " you are going to have the same behaviour than in eclipse. Anjuta it is going to add the ')' ']' or " and if for example you have (|) (| it is the cursor position and you add a ')' the ')' it is going to be skipped.

    See bug: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=520766

    jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

    Introducing myself

    Hi folks,

    My name is Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (irc: nacho) and i am 21, I've been working for a long time as the Galician Translation Team coordinator, and i hope i can do it for more time.
    Last year i started to hack a bit in gtranslator, just because i always want a good translation tool using gtk+ and because it was a good oportunity to starting in the gtk+ world.
    I tried to improve the old gtranslator but using c without gobject everything was a mess, so i decided to rewrite it from 0. Of course I've got help from many people. I would like to thanks specially to Paolo Borelli, and all those people who helped me.
    There are lots of things that we need get fixed before release like:
    • The translation memories (We have already to decide witch database we should use for this, sqlite, db?).
    • Pablo Sanxiao (the current maintainer) has to finish with the header stuff.
    • And another things.
    Here is the mandatory screenshot:

    We would like to get more feedback, so if someone is interested you can get a copy in the GOBJECT_WORK branch.