domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

My new laptop Part 2

Again with Debian sid. Finally I compiled as always by myself the kernel. Everything works but Debian It is already slow, I don't know why, this is the first time I have this kind of problems in debian. Touchpad works but when I close the lid it becomes crazy and I have to reboot my laptop. I hope this can be fixed soon.

Mancomun corpus on gedit

More plugins for gedit. This time I made a plugin to search in the mancomun translation memory database. This is only useful for Galician translators.

To download it:
svn checkout

martes, 15 de abril de 2008

New computer

Finally I bought a laptop. A dell M1530, I was really happy until I tried to install linux because I had lots of problems. In debian sid It works really slow. Ubuntu didn't detect the screen, touchpad goes too slow. Finally the solution was Ubuntu 7.10, it seems the only linux that's works pretty well.

jueves, 10 de abril de 2008

Fullscreen mode in gtranslator

This week I added a new plugin to gtranslator, and now thanks to it, you can put it in fullscreen mode. I didn't test it a lot, but it seems to work pretty well.