domingo, 6 de julio de 2008

Installing Gtranslator

What do you need to install gtranslator?

In case of debian/ubuntu you need to install these packages:
  • libgconf2-dev
  • libgtkspell-dev
  • libgtksourceview2.0-dev
  • libgtk2.0-dev
  • libglib2.0-dev
  • libsoup2.4-dev
  • libgucharmap-dev
  • libglade2-dev
  • libgdl-1-dev
  • gtk-doc-tools
  • libdb4.6-dev (Previously ones works too until 4.1)

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Vladimer Sichinava dijo...

I think that you need also libgtksourceview2.0-dev, on a new Intrepid Ibex system.

Vladimer Sichinava dijo...

Hello, here is a complete list of packages for building GTranslator on openSuSE 11.1 system:

The sudo command is:

sudo zypper in gconf2-devel gtkspell-devel gtksourceview18-devel gtk2-devel glib2-devel libsoup-devel gucharmap-devel libglade2-devel gdl-devel db43-devel make gcc gnome-common autoconf automake libtool intltool gtk-doc gnome-doc-utils-devel libgtksourceviewmm-2_0-devel libdb-4_5-devel

then ./, make, sudo make install in gtranslator's svn directory.

Hope it will be useful for openSuSE 11.1 users.